Monday, December 19, 2016

Use Debug Diag tool to debug and analyze problems

Microsoft’s “Debug Diag” tool is very helpful diagnostic tool that every developer should be aware of who works on Microsoft technologies -

Below are the benefits of “Debug Diag” tool
  1. App crash investigations
  2. Memory leak finding for .NET & COM components (i.e.e managed & unmanaged)
  3. Performance analysis of application

Provides two tools –
  1. Debug Collections – which capture data (dump file & text logs)
  2. Debug Analyzers – provides summary of analysis in the form of an HTML page. (Produces an MHT file that opens up in IE)

Additional information on “Debug Diag” tool from Microsoft that can be used for memory leak findings –
  1. Download link for ‘Debug Diag’ tool from Microsoft’s website.
    • Need to download “DebugDiagx64.msi” for 64 bit OS
  2. Link for blog on - How to create rules to capture “Memory Leak”
    • This article is written for old version, but concept is the same
  3. Link for blog on – Debugging Native memory leaks with Debug Diag
  4. Link for blog that describes – Additional options & analysis reports

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